NOS Primavera Sound Porto - Intro & Line-up

For fifteen years now, Barcelona-based Primavera Sound has been consistently offering successful musical events. The last four years witnessed the birth and growth of its Portuguese brother, NOS Primavera Sound Porto.

This event is very special. It has a very cool, laid back indie vibe about it. It usually takes us back to the 60´s, 70´s and 80´s  but in renovated and unexpected ways. Everything is consistent, year after year, but yet always so fresh and enlightening. It´s one of our favourite events in the city. You can find this vision in the words of the organizers: "...we developed a strong commitment to music so that spectators from different generations can enjoy the experience of live music to the full. This is clearly reflected in the innovative quality of its events, that exude coherence, eclecticism and the love of risk taking and are characterised by its unmistakeable artistic line strongly influenced by rock, pop and the most underground tendencies of dance music.

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Check the line-up for this year´s event and some pics from last year ( all pics by Hugo Lima and Hugo Sousa ):