Vhils aka Alexandre Farto - The architect

An overview through the work, life and vision of a contemporary Portuguese artist with a unique view.

Vhils is internationally famous for his raw, impactful, oversized portraits done by carving outdoor building walls and other media. Most of the times he uses controlled explosions, drilling and unusual methods and materials like concrete, metal, styrofoam or wood to create stunning pieces of art.

"They are all people I have met briefly in cities where I have created murals. I like the idea of turning ordinary, common people into icons, to contrast this with the need people seem to have to create icons in the first place. Instead of creating icons out of people who have changed history, like what Warhol was doing with Mao and others, I take an ordinary person and try and make people think about the ordinary citizens who struggle everyday to eke a living in contemporary society." Wired, 2011

Enjoy the pictures ( from Vhils´website ) and clips from some of the artists´work: