Made in Youthland, cruelty free beauty

Aiming to make a difference in an overly satured industry where animals are often harmed for the sake of human vanity, Made in Youthland delivers a breath of fresh air. One we are happy to welcome to The Feeting Room!!

Founded in 2016 by Diana Carriço, Made in Youthland is a 100% Portuguese Skincare brand, meaning all the formulas behind its unique products were created at a Lisbon based laboratory. This beauty start-up has come a long way, slowly paving its success to a global scale - in fact, Hong Kong currently represents its main market!

Aware that the fashion and beauty universes are forever interconnected, Diana set out to create a paralel between both - in essence, Made in Youthland skincare products can be compared to the core essentials everyone needs in their wardrobe. Call them the "little black dress" of cosmetics.

Moisturizers, oils, cleansing washes and exfoliants are some of the products offered by Made in Youthland, all of which aim to achieve a perfect balance between natural and synthetic components. The formulas were carefully developed with just the right amount of ingredients, having grape seeds and kakadu plum at its core, thus avoiding skin "overfeeding". 

All is carefully thought to the smallest detail, like the beautiful black polystyrene packaging which besides filtering UV rays (so as not to alter the product properties), are almost home decor pieces by themselves due to the distinctive design. Furthermore, Made in Youthland does not support animal testing, a standard which has earned it both a cruelty free and vegan certification by PETA.

Made in Youthland will be available in our Lisbon store from July 1st until September 1st.