Is your wardrobe ready for 2018?
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As much as you may don a very distinct and individual personal style, the truth remains that womenswear evolves at such a blazing pace that you may end up falling out of fashion before you even knew you were in to start with... Now, we're not advocating you should renounce your individuality, but keeping aware of some of the latest trends is never a bad idea.

That being said, do you know whether your wardrobe is 2018 enough?To help you figure it out, we're listing below some of the inexorable trends of the season.


The overall return to the use of primary colors was seen not only on runways but on the street as well. Red, yellow and blue in all their variants made a striking appearance in most collections, providing a fertile ground for abundant use of bold color blocking combos (another highlight on this list). 

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 Our selection (from left to right:) Nizza, Imauve and FRNCH. 



Somewhat of a recurring trend, which for some has always been an pillar of style, color blocking is back in full force. To do it in a "by the book" approach, one would only pair opposite colors from the color wheel, but hey, it's 2018 so you can match anything you like as long as contrast and visual impact are achieved with a harmonious feel. 

Photo source: Fashionista



If making a bold statement through the use of color is not really your thing, don't panic just yet. The good news is that pastels are back and are trendier than ever. This muted shades allow for striking looks, albeit in a more understand fashion than the aforementioned. 

Our selection (from left to right:) Native Youth, Sunad and Misci.

These are the main trends for SS18 in what regards color use and combinations - we will cover others focused on silhouette, design and proportion on an upcoming post.

So, is your wardrobe ready to embrace these color trends? If not we've got you covered, and if so, you can always find amazing pieces to complement it, especially now that we're on sales with up to 30% off!