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Founder's Name and Background
Diogo Rutkowski studied Economics (BSc) & Management (MSc) in Portugal, Chile, and France. He has 4 years of experience in Marketing, Innovation, and Business Development in FMCG. Tomás Abreu studied Economics (BSc) and Developmental Psychology (MSc) in Portugal, Colombia, and England. 2 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Education. Gonçalo Mina studied Management (BSc and MSc) in Portugal and Poland. He has 5 years of experience in retail/FMCG companies, mostly in Sales departments.

Year of Foundation

Best Known For
Wood beach bats with high quality, design and variety.

Tiny Biography
Founded in 2018, UNNA Wood is a Portuguese brand specialized in wood beach bats with high quality, design, and variety. The 3 types of models with different thicknesses and weights are designed for different playing styles, from beginners to professionals. They are handmade in Portugal using pieces of wood and coated with high resistance varnish, which ensures durability with sea salt, water, and sun.

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