Top menswear trends for SS18

Having covered some of the most fashionable trends in the womenswear circuit for the current season, it is now time to lay our eyes upon its male counterpart in search of any potential fads. Granted, it's easier said than done as menswear is usually less prone to drastic paradigm changes than womenswear. Nonetheless, fashion as we know it always finds a way to dictate the comeback of a particular garment or pattern, or find new ways to sport current ones. 

Drawing inspiration from one of the biggest men's style rendez vous worldwide, Pitti Uomo, let's see what men are wearing on the streets this season...


Like it or not, this season is all about bold, oversize patterns in a wide range of motifs. From geometrical to tropical, it seems men are fully embracing the sunshine and channeling those Summery vibes. The "pièce de résistance" for this trend? The short sleeved shirt.

menwear, tropical pattern shirts

men's short sleeved shirts with patterns
Get the Look (left to right): 1 - Aruba shirt by Tiwel, 2 - Selleck shirt by Afield and  3 - Selleck shirt by Afield. 



Much based on the concept of sprezzatura comes a trend which, to the untrained eye, might just seem like overall slouchiness. Italians are known to break the rules with nonchalance, tweaking small details to make their looks unique and effortless and this is yet another example. Instead of a polished combo between shirt and jacket, simply opt for a cuban collar shirt and let those collar flaps sit on top of the jacket's lapels.

men's fashion, street style at Pitti Uomo 94

suited men on the street with tattoos



While you may associate them with French gentlemen of old, the truth is handkerchiefs, neck scarfs or bandanas far transcend that notion. Actually, from a functional point of view, they were part of workwear or even biker attires, which is not to say gentleman can't sport them as well. Besides an extra pop of color and pattern, they help keep you dry and cool by absorbing any sweat on the neck region.


Making a strong comeback, stripes were seen allover the street style scene. From breton tees to statement shirts, suits, jackets and trousers, men seemed to not get enough of it. 

Get the Look (left to right): 1 - Palm tree t-shirt by +351 2 - Hoodie Jacket by Corelate and  3 - Indigo Striped Shirt by Delikatessen.