Our team picks... SS21 Favorites.

Can you imagine yourself walking around with a bubble of sweet joy in your hand?You sure can, just picture this bag wrapped around your fingers and voilá! You can even fill it with literal joy: candy! *heart emojis in all colours*

Kika, General Experience Manager

Well, I'm a massive fan of burgies and this one looks fayyyaaaa!As so, I'll definitely be wearing this amazing sweater every friday on my Burger Night - a weekly event that takes place at home in which potatoes are allowed to have different shapes each week, it's great tummy fun!

- Kika, General Experience Manager

I now have a new appreciation of relaxed and loose-on-the-body silhouette clothes, like the Mariana Jumpsuit from FRNCH. It's as comfortable as it is classic, thanks to its wide pants, patch pockets and removable belt (perfect for cinching the waist).

- Benedita, Communication Consultant

Made by shoemakers with over 50 years of experience, JJ Heitor combines femininity and (comfortable!) contemporary style with high end material and finishes. These slides are the living proof of it.

- Raquel, Sales Assistant (Porto)

Loreak Mendian is one of my favorite brands at The Feeting Room. Very simple, however it is perfect to mix with all types of styles. I specifically choose the Celia pants because it's silhouette is one of my favorites and it looks really cool with just a pair of sneakers and a t-shirt.

- Ana, Logistic Manager

I don't wear high heels, but if I ever did it would definitely be these ones.

- Ana, Logistic Manager

The Dress from FreshJealous. What's not to like about this piece? It´s elegant, fresh and vibrant.

- Sam, Sales Assistant (Porto)

The Shirt from Duarte. It reminds me about the sea and it's definitely an amazing option for beachwear.

- Sam, Sales Assistant (Porto)

Absolutely in love with this piece. You can wear it as a dress but I'd style it as an open oversized shirt with a tank top and shorts underneath....perfect for when you go to the beach and stay for dinner near the bay! (spoiler alert: it gets windy)!

- Elisabete, Sales Assistant (Lisbon)

I have to pick two an extra items as I believe these looks amazing worn together! Really cool vibrant pattern mixed with a light and fresh fabric, it's the perfect summer stand out outfit!

- Elisabete, Sales Assistant (Lisbon)

When the Summer heat hits, it's time to bring out my Skittle Bottle. This is the exact version I own and it's my companion for the season: it sits on my desk faithfully reminding me to stay hydrated, and I take it on every single vacation trip - and I must say so far it has brilliantly withstood the very very hot sun of the Alentejo.

- Gil, Marketing Manager

There's something about this pair that makes it more than a slide sandal. It's easy to wear (well, it's a slide!), and a little bit edgy with the black sole in a slight platform... but then the wrinkled effect in really smooth beige leather give it a sense of elegance. It feels like not even trying to be stylish while really pulling out all the stops.

- Gil, Marketing Manager

These sneakers are beautiful, and can be used on our daily routine or in a casual style.

- Miguel, Accountant and Merchandiser

These shorts can be used with all types of clothes, as they are very simple.

Miguel, Accountant and Merchandiser

The most simple, stylish and comfortable piece ever with great quality!

- Rita, Store Director (Lisbon)

Comfortable and great quality combined. A summer essential!!

Rita, Store Director (Lisbon)

An oversized jacket with the best material for warm days, 100% linen and 100% portuguese. You can wear it by itself or overlap with any other piece.

- Daniela, Sales Assistant (Porto)

Matter Matters shows you why the difference is everything. A post modernist 80's brand from Hong Kong inspired by Art deco and Bauhaus. Dare to try it, start with a pair of earrings.

- Daniela, Sales Assisntant (Porto)

Imagine being a kid and having fun helping cook dinner or even being creative with playdough but instead of making a mess and driving your parents crazy, you're wearing a really cool and nice washable apron!

- Sofia, Sales Assistant (Lisbon)

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