A touch of classic style in your life. 

- Daniela, Store Assistant (Porto)

 This piece is very special as it is TFR's first collaboration with one of my favorite brands on the shop. How cool is that?

- Ana, Logistics Manager

Because socks don't need to be boring.

- Nuno Alves, Co-CEO

I chose these socks because their name is "Martin" which is very close to my family name "Martins", it made sense to me. Also, I think it's a beautiful pair. 

- Gonçalo, Logistics Manager

Botticelli's The bIrth of Venus. That's it...

- Rita, Store Manager (Lisbon)

Sometimes I like to dress like a girl.

- Ana, Logistics Manager

I guess this must be my favorite since I’m the New Cool Kid on this Block. ✌️ 

- Marta R., Comunication Consultant

What can I say about this? Absolute perfection.

- Elisabete, Store Assistant (Lisbon)

For these cold winter days where the sun is inviting us for a walk with nature.

- Nuno Alves, Co-CEO

Spice up your life with little details , welcome to Berriblue world.

- Daniela, Store Assistant (Porto)

Classic and timeless loafers! 

- Rita, Store Manager (Lisbon)

The most amazing smell for a chill evening at the sofa *.*

- Marta S, Store Assistant (Lisbon)

This is my Clash's favorite perfume.

- Pajó, Store Assistant (Lisboa)

A winter must-have coat to cheer everyone around with the amazing blue!!

- Marta S, Store Assistant (Lisbon)

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