I always wear sneakers, therefore, they get dirty quite easily mainly because it rains a lot in Porto. This Shoe Shame set is perfect as it brings everything you need to clean and make your shoes last longer: brush, cleaning product, and the box even serves as a container for water! It's awesome, and I use it a lot.

- Ana Morais, Logistics Manager

Sopro has conquered my xmas heart this year! This brand transforms natural elements into delicate handmade fine jewellery and that's exactly how I want everyone in my life to feel like - a precious piece of art! <3 The Forest Necklace is my absolute fave at the moment!

- Francisca, Global Experience Manager

This bottle sells itself. I've been using mine for about 2 years, and it stills delivers. Whether cold or hot, it will not disappoint. And just like us, they are all the same inside, but you can have fun with the colors!

- Raquel Gomes, Sales Assistant (Porto)

Shoes are one of the best things to play with in an outfit. Sanjo provides a lot of possibilities but this one is my favorite. A pair made for everyone and every season, no matter if you are a boy or a girl and if it's sunny or rainy outside.

- José, Graphic Designer

It got really cold really fast. Where did it come from? This Revolution jacket will for sure get me through winter. 

- Daniel, E-commerce and Journal's Editor-in-Chief

I feel like this bowling bag is a great win-win gift as you probably will be invited for (at least) one of the weekends away in which it will be featured! Go for it and expect the best out of your giftee. 

- Francisca, Global Experience Manager

Very elegant lamp to gift to my sister. It will look amazing in her bedroom. 

- Sofia, Accountant and Merchandiser

The socks game in this one gains a whole 'nother level!

- Rita, Store Manager (Lisbon)

For yourself or for your friends, Smiski is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. You never know what you're going to get, so a surprise is guaranteed. With this collection, you will have a personal cheerleader that glows in the dark! (Only available in-store)

- Joana, Store Manager (Porto)

This sweater has a great vintage look that can give your style a timeless vibe. It's very easy to combine another garment with this kind of piece, and always gives an interesting mix of old and new to your wardrobe.

José, Graphic Designer

Rainy days are always grey, ugly and wet! So there's nothing better than a colorful raincoat. :)

- Ana Morais, Logistics Manager

Stressed, depressed, but a style-proof vest. 

- Rita, Store Manager (Lisbon)

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