This shirt is just the perfect white shirt. The dropped shoulders, the oversized cut, and the massive pockets and the pleated cuffs...??!! Everything on this shirt is just brilliant. The modern take on such a classic piece of clothing is mindblowing.

- Sofia, Sales Assistant (Lisbon)

Loreak is one of my favourite brands at TFR and their designs always surprise me. This shirt is a mixture of my two moods when it comes to picking what to wear: I'll be dragged to earth pastel tones one day and the next day really bold loud colours. The mixture of the two look great on this shirt and the slit detail on the side is really clever too!

- Elisabete, Sales Assistant (Lisbon)

Anything pastely will have me smiling from ear to ear and dancing instead of walking. With that in mind, and adding the fact that I now strive for at least one comfort piece per outfit, I've got to say that the Candy Cream T-shirt has won me over. Just look at the name, you would want to eat the tee before even taking a peak at it!

- Kika, Communication Executive

This one is definitely a piece I would wear if they had my size! It will be very nice to see the little girls rocking them though. It has a special detail, I’m not sure if it for the whole collection but some of the pieces were inspired by one of my favorite Portuguese singers: Antonio Variações. The Silvia Dress with the comb pattern should relate to the time when he was a hairdresser probably.

- Sam, Store Director (Porto)

Check patterns are my thing, so it was a natural and instant choice, the Giselle pants from the brand Sienna. Even though they're designed with discreet colors I think they're a real eye-catcher.

- Benedita, Communication Consultant

I think I should have lived in the 70's. These pants are the closest I'll ever be from it.

- Raquel, Sales Assistant (Porto)

Man may have discovered it, but women discovered how to use it.

- Joana, Store Director

As cozy as a hoodie can get, the perfect piece to chill with some friends at one's house.

- João, Sales Assistant (Lisbon)

I like plain basic Tee's. Ducks are cool, Edmmond clothes are cool.

- Francisco, Administrative Manager

Dresses have always been my favorite piece of clothing. Feminine, breezy and versatile, this beautiful item is timeless and can be styled in so many ways. Also, it hides all the weight you gained during quarantine for eating too many snacks.

- Lara, Sales Assistant (Porto)

One more tshirt? Yes. This one has tiny details of colour with a soft tone... a smooth step to warm days, from Näz and from Portugal with love.

- Daniela, Sales Assistant (Porto)

Right now I'm craving for the beach in great need of vitamin Sea!

- Gui, Co-Founder & CEO

I would wear this as a dress.

- Rita, Store Director (Lisbon)

What I like about Walkers is that they bring cool and different fabrics to simple designs. I'm dying over this shirt because it's so simple but has such a cool touch. I want it!

- Vasco, Sales Assistant (Lisbon)

I HAVE to mention this piece as it's named after my hometown, Sines! Haha! But I can tell you more about Näz: they're sustainably focused, only use natural materials and of course are designed and made in Portugal. It's one of my favourite brands at TFR as not only their designs look great but their philosophy is what I look for in contemporary fashion.

- Elisabete, Sales Assistant (Lisbon)

I'm more into neutral pieces, but somehow this sweatshirt makes me forget what "my type" is. I've been obsessed with this Klein blue since forever, and the neutral stains add a really cool tridimensional aspect to this piece that by the way also looks really comfortable.

- Gil, Marketing Manager

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