Written by Cristiana Costa.

What did you do during these quarantined times? Binge watched Netflix, painted the house, learned how to bake bread…and Marie Kondo all your apartment? Well…us too! So, after you cleaned your wardrobe and ended up with… 5 pieces to wear, I’m here to talk about the concept of Capsule Wardrobe.

The term 'Capsule Wardrobe' was born in the ‘70s and it’s a simplified wardrobe of a few essential items (meant to last through trends) which can be paired with trend pieces. So it’s funny to think that it only became popular recently when talking about sustainable consumption.  

Me, being the designer behind a sustainable brand, often talk about the environmental impact of a piece of clothing and, it is known that the greatest environmental impact of a garment is not in its production, transport or disposal, but in its use by the consumer - washing, drying and ironing – and using. The more you use your garments the less environmental impact they have!  

The capsule wardrobe is different for everybody and it should adapt to your needs and tastes. The most common capsule wardrobe has 40 items:

• 10 tops

• 10 bottoms

• 10 outerwear pieces

• 5 dresses/jumpsuits

• 5 pairs of shoes

There’re important factors to be aware when choosing your capsule pieces:

- If you have it already, don’t buy it – use what you have;

- Always choose good quality garments (and fairly made!) – after all you are going to use them a lot!

- Opt for versatile and neutral pieces – so it can mix and match everything;

- Choose a piece or two with a pattern or fancier, for those days when you need a boost on your mood! 

My 20 pieces The Feeting Room capsule wardrobe:

3 Dresses/Jumpsuits:

6 Tops:

3 Outerwear Pieces:

4 Bottoms:

4 Shoes:

Cristiana Costa is the founder and designer of our partner brand Näz. After finishing her studies, Cristiana figured that the fashion industry had a lot of issues with ethical responsiblity and ecological production. She set a challenge to make fashion in a more sustainable way, and Näz was born, committed to a transparent manufacturing process with no impact in the environment. Through timeless, minimalist pieces and democratic design, Cristiana and her team find the balance between ethical and local labor, a positive social impact, and an environment-friendly production.

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