Goodies Sportive Exclusive Capsule Collection Launch Party

Last month The Feeting Room Chiado dressed up as an olympian to welcome our friends and most recent partner brand Goodies Sportive for a little hang out to commemorate the launch of their new, exclusive and olympic themed capsule collection, as well as their new essentials line New Kids on the Block.

In the midst of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Goodies Sportive threw a party to launch their new capsule collection centered precisely on Olympic motifs. The small gathering happened at our Chia do store with the Dj duo Funkamente keeping the rhythm as the store gently filled with people with some familiar faces. The brand got to meet their fans that attentively scrutinized every detail of the pieces. SO Coffee Roaster, as always, delivering a great catering service with their trademark specialties the Expresso Tónico (coffee and tonic)and Expressotini (Expresso and Vodka). 

Goodies Sportive is a up-and-coming brand breathing in Portugal that is rapidly putting their stamp on the Portuguese streetwear scene. Their vision sets us on a path to the 90’s the freedom of being in that pre-internetera, a time when people just wore what they wanted without being automatically associated to a particular group or style because there were less reference points. Find more about the brand on our website.