On... Going Sockless - part #1

Photo Source: elle.com

When it comes to fashion it's granted that trends fade as quickly as they grow, even if there's a certain cyclic nature in their lifespan. However, some seem to gain such a momentum that they become set in stone for a vast majority of consumers, be them fashion-savvy or not. As we're (hopefully) fast approaching warm, sunny days, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss one such everlasting trend: going sockless

Few other style moves scream Summer as much as a bare ankle, especially if it's tanned to perfection. While women have grown accostumed to the inherent freshness of walking around in an array of sandals and slides, men on the other hand, are restricted to a range of much more protective, so to say, shoe choices. Nonetheless, the following tips to pulling off a "sans" socks look are applicable to both genders.

There's no denying the special appeal and coolness of going sockless, but before doing so one should consider a number of variables. Let's cover the basics:

Working Environment:

Suited men at pitti uomo

No matter how polished you look, it may still not be appropriate for your workplace...  

As much as you want to take the plunge and ditch the socks, take a moment to consider whether or not it suits your corporate or working environment. In the event that you work in a company with more conservative values, or in an industry that due to its specificities (banking, law, corporate management...) requires a specific formal dress code, then this move is not for you.
Hold it until the weekend or casual Fridays to sport it.


Your lifestyle can also dictacte whether or not you should avoid socks. Say in your daily routine you walk around for several hours a day in dress shoes: even with invisible socks and proper quality shoes, chances are your feet will take a pounding and add a sense of discomfort. 

Personal Style:

Besides the above "technical" restrictions, your personal style is one of the most important factors when opting to show some ankle. Mind you that the sockless look is casual in nature, meaning it may not match more formal attires, but it can also cause quite antagonistic reactions from other people. As such, if you normally dress up do consider that not wearing socks is a bold move often seen as a close call between stylish and tacky...can you deal with it?

Photo Source: esquire.com