"Behind the Brand" is our column where you get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to our partner brands and learn more about the people that make our products. Today, we meet Vítor Costa, creative director of Sanjo.

Hi! First off, introductions are in order: What is your name and what is your role?

My name is Vítor Costa and I’m the creative director of Sanjo. I control all creative aspects of the brand and, I’m responsible for conceptualizing all the stories, images, collabs, and campaigns. I also make the developments for the shoes and, more recently "workwear".

All stories have a starting point: where's yours? What inspired you?

The urban culture, the records, the magazines, the sneakers, the energy of places, and all part of the imaginary that has always been in the center of all that I do.

What are the values that drive you?

I felt attracted by Sanjo since it is a brand that values its legacy and authenticity, instead of betting on a momentary hype. I consider that the new Portuguese culture (skate, rap independent creators) also pushes me.

How do you see your brand in the world? What impact do you think it brings?

I feel that it’s special/unique, there are few brands with an original silhouette from 1933 -, this factor brings us this legacy filled with nostalgia.

What makes you different? What makes it a must have?

What renders it different is this new approach, the creative capacity, the way of expressing ourselves in a completely independent way, the fact of the brand being from 1933 and having this disruptive profile also causes a stir, especially for the young public and more underground niches.

How does your creative process start? What shapes your product development?

I reckon that I’m in a creative loop. Many times the process starts on a hike through nature, other times while diving into the brand’s archive and, most recently, in a more immersive approach, by hanging out with our skate team. All these story fragments end up shaping the collection. The fewer rules and the more creative freedom I have, the more depth and harmony are reflected in the collection.

Is there something you do/know now that you wish you did/knew from the get-go?

I wish I realized how important it is to create a community for the brand.

How has The Feeting Room played into your growth as a brand?

I say many times that it’s all about special people and special places. The Feeting Room shares these two points - the consistency, whether in the setup that values the brand, or in the image that enhances the brand, influences the whole growth.

I know this is about you, but if I'm allowed: What other TFR Partner Brand(s) do you feel matches your brand's vibe, values or you simply admire?

There are some brands with an amazing vibe, that’s why I’m a proponent of collabs. In TFR we combine ourselves with the vibe of +351, with who we’re going to collab, and with Coup d’État, and I admire a lot the vision and boldness of Hibu Studios, Goodies Sportive, and Edmmond Studios.

Sanjo is available at The Feeting Room stores and online.

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