"Behind the Brand" is our column where you get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to our partner brands and learn more about the people that make our products. Today, we meet Goodies Sportive.

Hi! First off, introductions are in order: What is your name and what is your role?

Goodies Sportive, The new kids on the block!

All stories have a starting point: where's yours? What inspired Goodies Sportive?

Each of us separately has dedicated his life to Streetwear. When time arrived we decided to get together in a Middle Eastern country, we saw clearly what we had to do. After years of designing for other brands, the opportunity to be able to give our own vision of the game pure and without filters had to be seized.

The circumstances and the moment in which we met greatly marked the initial idea of the aesthetic that we wanted to follow, the fashion of the 90s and the pre-internet era. To tell the essence of goodies sportive, we always like to tell it as a little first-person story...

Once when I was a kid, in elementary school, I was very eager to go to school wearing my green track-suit bottoms with my black shoes. My mom didn't like it at all, these shoes with those trousers, really? I didn’t care that much and I carried on with that style. I used to look at myself in the mirror and think that I was wearing something very cool and that no one else was wearing.

Obviously, they laughed at me a lot, but I was happy: even if at that moment I looked down, I actually felt unstoppable. Over time I understood that fashion corresponds to different moments and ways to see yourself. Perhaps that is why the temporality of a person’s style can be seen repeated over decades, giving continuity to that character that, consciously or unconsciously, we are creating. Hence, only time will tell whether you are right or wrong. This is the essence of goodies sportive.

What are the values that drive the brand?

Being able to have the opportunity to give our own point of view in each of the drops that we do on a specific matter is something that we love. We believe that the simple fact of giving a story to each drop already makes the brand have its own values and history.

How do you see your brand in the world? What impact do you think it brings?

At the moment we see it as a personal project without worrying about the hole it occupies in the world. But thinking in an ambitious way, We would like Goodies Sportive to be a benchmark in European and Middle Eastern streetwear in the future.

What makes you different? What makes it a must have?

Personally, we consider ourselves lovers of the classic, and always with great respect we try to reinvent ourselves and translate them into our language and transfer them to today.

How does the creative process starts? What shapes your product development?

It always starts with an idea or a concept to develop, we try to do a lot of research on the subject we are going to touch on. That is when it is time to decide the garments that we want to put in the collection and which ones are the best fit depending on the concept. A premise for us is that each of the garments in the collection also works on its own, not just together.

Is there something you do/know now that you wish you did/knew from the get-go? 

Everything we know today would have been good for us years ago, but if we are what we are, it is thanks to mistakes and learning from them.

We know we shouldn't pick favorites, oh well... what are the key pieces from your current collection and why?

Of course it is not good to have favorites, but we are lovers of Knitwear. Whenever we design a knitted piece we imagine Lady Di walking through the streets of London with that piece that we have just created.

How has The Feeting Room played into your growth as a brand?

The symbiosis with the TFR team was instantaneous, We consider ourselves loyal fans of the concept of the store and its contribution to independent brands. Personally, The Feeting Room has allowed us the luxury of leaving us its platform to show our idea to the rest of the world.

I know this is about you, but if I'm allowed: What other TFR Partner Brand(s) do you feel matches your brand's vibe, values or you simply admire. 

Banks Journal: It is a brand that we have always liked, we discovered it in Los Angeles a few years ago, and we believe that it has a unique way of transmitting its vision of Australian heritage. 

Guaja studio: We discovered this brand on our arrival in Portugal, we have always liked its aesthetics very much, and the values it represents. We also believe that they have managed to create an incredible relationship between the founders and the client. All their clothes and their way of communicating are awesome.

Goodies Sportive is available at The Feeting Room stores and online.

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