Wolf & Son, making a mark as a clan

“Raised by wolves”, Wolf & Son enables pack leaders to walk their tracks with the confidence and sense of purpose of a clan. Through their designs they aim to be a unifying element for fierce elements, a common element for shared experiences between father and son.

As a third generation of shoemakers, Wolf&Son values the tradition of this craft and the knowledge passed from generation to generation. Heritage is one of the pillars of this brand, who introduce innovation into timeless techniques to produce modern shapes that can stand the test of time.

The Making of Wolf & Son from Wolf & Son on Vimeo.


Wolf&Son goes beyond being fashionable. Their designs exhibit modern lines, with lively combinations of colors and high quality materials that ensure that the shoes surpass the current trends.

As part of their philosophy which praises family and bonding, Wolf&Son presents colorful yet casual designs for contemporary men with a junior counterpart, so that father and son can feel closer.





Their collection is available online and in stores.

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