Van Rohe, when less truly is more

Van Rohe’s sneakers may seem simple at a first glance, but their value goes beyond their design. While their refined lines are an obvious nod to the minimalist motto “Less is more”, the brand takes this premise further than just as a pure justification for the visual bareness of their shoes.

Van Rohe’s team has found that there is an overall social tendency to judge everyone by their looks. They design with an aim to contradict this unfairness. To them, gender, age, creed, race, are preconceptions that stand in the way of true individual identity. As soothing as they look, Van Rohe’s sneakers are a scream of rebellion against modern society.

Photos from Glimmer le Blonde

Van Rohe’s designs are reduced to the purest shapes, resulting in sneakers that are versatile and easily adaptable to any individual style. These minimal shapes are enhanced by the high quality materials, predominantely suede and neoprene, that intuitively conjure the relaxing sensation of comfort in one’s own skin, whereas the color palette is neutral yet sophisticated.



Their collection is available in stores and online.