Food photography and film have that allure that keeps our eyes locked to the screen while almost drooling. Imagine if food films were made with the captivating talent of modern-day's most creative filmmakers and storytellers...

That is where David Ma comes in, a talented film director whose specialty of shooting footage of food has earned him projects with the likes of Stella Artois as well as mentions by Fast Company, Buzzfeed, VICE and more. David had an ingenious idea - in his projects #FoodFilmes he shoots typical, traditional recipes in the trademark style of today's most recognized film directors.


Here is how Quention Tarantino would make spaghetti and meatballs - of course it is going to be a mess!


Whereas Wes Anderson's approach to s'mores would be as meticulously color-coordinated as ever.


Michael Bay's waffles feel are action-packed with ingredients exploding all over:



 And Alfonso Cuarón's pancakes are an incursion into outerspace, where ingredients collapse with no gravity:


Let's hope David is into make more of this, since these might just be the most hypnotizing recipe films ever. His work can be seen here.