Perks, the “extra” something for everyday

Perks are benefits, privileges, an advantage you get due to a particular situation. Perks’ shoes will bestow you with that “extra” something you are entitled to in your daily life. They offer you comfort, quality, and design.


As the fourth generation in a family of shoemakers, they use their accumulated knowledge that marries technology with handcrafting to produce the perfect shoes to endure the busy life of cosmopolitan men and women. The design of the shoes shines a new, disruptive light on classic masculine icons, reinterpreting them into remarkable models that are sure to draw eyes, while also maintaining a smart look.

Their approach to shoe design reviews how different lifestyles translate into different footwear.

Perks 1942 celebrates their 75 years of expertise in the industry, an elegant line that presents versions of the ultimate executive icons with a touch of sophistication for confident men and women. A selection of oxfords, derbies, loafers, dress shoes, chukka and chelsea boots, upgraded with the natural high quality leather and contemporary colors and finishes that bring these classics onto the millennial age.



Perks Today is a functional line focused on casual designs prepared for intense urban lives. The informal designs, consisting mostly of casual sneakers, feature vibrant colors and captivating material combinations, bringing a rush of energy to enable contemporary men and women to effortlessly face all social engagements, whether they be a picnic in the park, late-afternoon drinks, wandering through city streets… Pretty much any occasion can be met using Perks Today.


Their collection can be seen in stores and online.