The quality of their fabrics mixed with their clean aesthetic is what really attracts me the most. Feminine but also tomboyish - depending how you style it! Also made in Portugal, and really well made!

- ElisabeteSales Assistant (Lisbon)

Âme Moi

The quality and smoothness of these fairytale bags are to die for.

- RitaStore Director (Lisbon)

Being produced close to my own hometown, I immediately felt drawn to António and its beautiful story. The brand has a deep connection to the concept of 'time', as it was created to honor the founders' father's legacy running a factory where some of the artisans have remained for years and are nowadays handcrafting António's pieces. And while each design features very minimalist, timeless lines, the vegetable-tanned leather ages over time, creating a very personal story with the wearer.

- GilMarketing Manager

Just my type of vibe, always with the coziest colors, all seasons!

- ConstançaSales Assistant (Lisbon)

They say that the best perfumes come in small bottles. I also changed my Chanel n5 to a "Penelope", one of my favorite fragrances from the brand. They also have a line of aromatic scents for home. You must try!

- JoanaStore Director (Porto)

If you’re not familiar with this brand you should know them. They are a Portuguese brand and their brand identity is being gender-neutral. In my opinion, they nail it with their line of trendy and colorful sneakers. My favorite sneakers so far are the Shadow Sneakers.

- BeneditaMarketing Assistant

I love their patterns, quality of fabrics and the fact that everything is unisex, as I never think about gender when choosing clothes for myself. It's also made in Portugal.

- Elisabete, Sales Assistant (Lisbon)

With great patterns and sleek lines, this parisienne brand brings casual chic to a whole new level. I want it all!

- RaquelSales Assistant (Porto)

"João" is the designer and also one of the most common names in Portugal. However, when you are wearing a jewel made by him, you'll feel everything but not common for sure! Precious stones, feathers and some mystic interpretations are the elements he uses most.

- Joana, Store Director (Porto)

I love a brand that knows how to get people's attention and be creative at the same time, and Gladz is a shoe brand that does that. Plus!! It's a local brand and the shoes are comfortable and have really good quality!

- SofiaSales Assistant (Lisbon)

It's a lovely brand that consistenly manages to give a modern 'rerun' to a 90's style.

- Rita, Store Director (Lisbon)

Coolest shoes for winter! Clean aesthetic and super comfortable.

- ConstançaSales Assistant (Lisbon)

They are a shining example of success in the Portuguese footwear industry. They keep on evolving year after year, product and branding-wise, and they recently got recognized by PETA as vegan and launched a line of shoes created from production waste. Theirs are highly technical waterproof products, but they never sacrifice style - I am particularly partial to the chelsea boot and oxford designs with track soles.

- GilMarketing Manager

Loreak Mendian has a way of creating essentials that don't feel too basic. Their designs are timeless and overlook trends but the thought put into materials, colours and prints makes each piece a very graphical statement.

- GilMarketing Manager

Lund London

For your house. For your office. For a birthday or Christmas gift. For your daily life. Lund has so many products to choose from that you can adapt to the different areas of your life. The design is always fascinating, innovating and practical. Do you need a water bottle? Do you need a frame? Do you need a reusable metal straw? Lund has it.

- VascoSales Assistant (Lisbon)

Imagine walking into a flower shop... the colours, the smells, the textures, everything that's perfect in life! Well that's exactly what Manitou socks give me, softness combined with the most magical colour palette, it's basically a dream that went from my mind to my feet.

- KikaCommunication Executive

Maria maleta. A local brand where elegance comes with a twist...or two.

- DanielaSales Assistant (Porto)

They were one of the first brands to bring awareness to the quality of Portuguese footwear internationally, yet they haven't settled into that status - they keep reinventing themselves and their products without ever losing sight of their roots.

- EdgarCo-Founder


Modern with a classic touch, perfect!

- ConstançaSales Assistant (Lisbon)

When most of your shoes are sneakers it's impossible to not become a big fan of this brand.

- SamSales Assistant (Porto)

Sopro has made my dream wedding proposal ring. I now just have to find the right buyer (probably me.)!

- RaquelSales Assistant (Porto)

Male shirts brand based in Porto, this city must feel proud! They wear from elegant to a messy but always stylish man. It also works to the feminine public if you usually do oversized clothes like me.

- SamSales Assistant (Porto)

The most hip and creative shoe brand in The Feeting Room at the moment.

- RitaStore Director (Lisbon)

Their designs (risky at times for a traditional man) are met with great choices of colours that you don't see being used very often for menswear, and that's what I really like about this brand. It's that brand where you can purchase something to make your outfit be more unique and out of your comfort zone. The coats and polos are my favourite pieces!

- VascoSales Assistant (Lisbon)

These sneakers have a very light line. Simple and designed in Portugal. With an extra: they really smell like caramel to me! Sweet!

- JoanaStore Director (Porto)

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