Officina Lisboa, the soft hues that will make memories

With delicate figures and soft entrancing colors, Officina Lisboa’s shoes easily evokes images of graceful women from the Romantic era brought to the contemporary times. This brand knows what they are doing, catering to modern women whose confident personality is complemented by a tender and charmingly naïve soul.


Officina Lisboa is the result of two Portuguese minds who believe in the know-how and excellence of Portuguese shoe crafting and who favor quality in their simplified, stylized designs. They take the principle “You are what you wear” to heart and the result are high-quality, detailed shoes that convey effortless style.

Officina Lisboa’s Spring/Summer collection, “Summer Memories” is a remarkable assortment of shoes, mostly sandals, in a palette of nudes and pastels, soft pink and terracotta shades.


Each design feels carefully crafted to enable young women to breeze through all the outings and events in the Summer. And when the season ends, the remains will be the stories evoked by these shoes: the coy romances that transpired, the walks by the beach at sunset, the iced coffees on a terrace to endure the heat…



Their shoes are available online and in stores.