Nostudio: the foxiest heels

The boldest heels make the best femmes fatales. Slide a pair of Nostudio stilettos onto the feet of a woman and she will metamorphose into a foxy lady that will make heads turn wherever she goes.

Born from the combined knowledge of the footwear industry with jewelry design, Nostudio presents shoes that are made to be stared at. Meeting shape, function and a style with a clear identity, the result are feminine shoes that linger between sexy and romantic.

Nostudio’s consistency comes from the elegance that spans the whole collection. All designs are simplified and refined into slender shapes where the luxury materials exhale class, with details that clearly denote the influence of Jewellery design. Each shoe is a meant as an extension to the woman who wears it: stylish and tasteful, but with a spike of underlying desire.



Nostudio is available in stores and online.

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