Minimalist hacks for packing light

As the D-day approaches to go on vacation, our excitement for a relaxing Summer getaway is replaced with the dread of that last-minute packing. We know you might be feeling the same itch, so we put together a list of hacks to minimalist, stress-free packing. We will be sure to follow it through!


1. Plan ahead – even if you are not a planner

It’s a vacay, it is supposed to be free of schedules. Yet some light planning will make sure you pack efficiently. Google your destination to get a sense of what you are bound to be doing there and what kind of culture and conditions you will find. You might find that you can ditch your fancy dresses, or that a raincoat is in order.

(c) Fineas Anton


(c) Thomas Somme

2. Lists are your friends

Having an instinct is good, but when it comes to packing, a list is always helpful. We don’t want you to get so carried away with making choices among your clothes that you will forget your contacts and miss out on all the beautiful views.

(c) Eric Didier


3. Choose a smaller bag

Your urge will most likely be to reach for your biggest bag. Resist that and go for a smaller one instead – the limitation will help you choose less items and be more pragmatic about what you really need to take with you.


Rains backpacks here.

4. Forget fashion - pack monochrome

Slack off on what is fashionable right now. No need to plan outfits ahead - pick one or two hues and stick to it when choosing your clothing. Once you reach your destination you will have fun mix-and-matching your super versatile Summer vacation palette.

Exceed Shoe Thinkers sneakers here; Friendly Fire sneakers here.


Gladz sneakers here; Eat my Dust sneakers here.

5. Roll with it

It might sound odd but folded clothes take up a lot of room. Just roll them and stack them together in your bag – they occupy less space! You can even roll some pieces inside others to take up even less space. Another upside: no wrinkles on your clothes when you unpack.

(c) Karl Juengel

6. Sealable plastic bags are cool

They are not exactly environment-friendly but they can hold almost anything and, unlike bulkier cosmetics pouches, they take up less space while still isolating the items inside them. If you are taking toiletries, make-up or Jewellery, these guys will be your best friends. Plus, they are reusable and make it easier to find things!

(c) Gal meets Glam

7. Play tetris

Streamline the space of your bag by having a little fun finding out items that fit seamlessly into each other. Breakables can go inside socks which can then be rolled and tucked inside shoes; bras can be folded and stacked; your empty glasses’ case is useful to store your phone charger, and rolled shirts can go inside your hat.

 (c) Karl Juengel


8. Ditch the bulky books

We love reading on the beach, but dragging that huge book is going to take up some space. Switch to lighter alternatives; ebooks and audiobooks don’t add up any physical space which means you can bring as much as your device can hold. If you are a sucker for old school and love that smell of a brand new paperback, go for travel-sized editions instead.


(c) Maarten van den Heuvel


9. Choose the right shoes

Shoes are serious business. You can’t bring a lot of them so you must choose wisely, taking in account what you will be doing. Bring the shoes you feel most comfortable with, which ideally will be versatile enough for a bunch of outfits and occasions. Our suggestion is, of course, a nice pair of sneakers. Another trick regarding footwear: wear the bulkiest pair of shoes on the travel, so you can save up space on your bag.


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10. Pack your most natural self

In the end, it is a vacation. If you are going to relax, you shouldn’t worry about dosing up on face cream and make-up, or be worrying about straightening your hair every day. Let your hair down, let go of the mask you put on every day; embrace your most natural self and just enjoy.

(c) Ishan @seefromthesky

(c) Sophie Sollmann