Marita Moreno: tradition meets avant-garde

Marita Moreno may draw her knowledge from Portuguese tradition but her creations are definitely not for traditional people. Her unique view of fashion results in extravagant designs that are meant to stand out wherever they go.

Marita Moreno futuristic shoes, wedge platforms and boots for men and women.

Marita has a strong connection to her roots, reflected in her search for local techniques and distinctive natural materials, such as burel, a type of wool cloth typical of Portugal. Her approach to design is all about the exploration of materials and contrasting textures, with geometrical shapes as her base. All her models are carefully crafted, produced in small, exclusive series and numbered.

Marita Moreno futuristic design boots and platforms for men and women.

The Space 1999 collection comprises Marita’s proposals for the Winter. Her signature style is visible in the outstanding combinations of leather and burel, with contrasting colors and metallic shades that give a futuristic vibe.

Marita Moreno's FW16 wedge boots in green and purple, and platform boots in silver and black leather.

Marita’s collection feels like a gallery of masterpieces as if she wants to have both men and women walking with art on their feet. Definitely a choice for those with avant-garde mindsets and who are not afraid to shine.

 Marita Moreno's low boots for men in beige burel and textured leather, and blue burel with black leather with cracked effect.

You can shop Marita’s collection here and at our flagship store.

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