Marita Moreno, authenticity beyond functionality

They are like nothing you have ever seen. Only for fearless souls who appreciate authenticity allied to heritage, Marita Moreno presents shoes that go beyond functionality – they are pure works of art.

With a background in sculpture, Marita Moreno has a deep respect for the production process, representing that rare combination between studious and maker. She has gathered knowledge, drawing on time-tested craft techniques practiced by Portuguese artisans to put to life her unique, sometimes other-worldy designs, which are truly a hybrid between tradition and innovation.

Her ethical perspective and connection with craftsmanship leads her to use only natural, raw materials, like cork, cotton, leather and wool, all sourced in Portugal. Her belief in sustainable fashion is clear, as she produces very limited editions of each shoe, which in turn become exclusive items that will be forever cherished by the wearer.

This Summer, Marita presents three lines at The Feeting Room.

Summer Clouds is laidback and inspired in the different shapes of clouds; Miramar, named after the designer’s favorite beach, is a vegan line where shoes are composed of cork and cotton, with a relaxed beach vibe thanks to the striped patterns; Dali is a remarkable transfiguration of Salvador Dali’s surrealist world into intriguing classic-style shoes where elements are misplaced creating a certain playfulness.


Marita Moreno shoes are available in our Lisbon store and online.