Lemoke, shoes with youth, quality and love

Lemoke is one of those perfect examples of the shoemaking industry in Portugal. Lemoke comes from the 6th generation of a family of shoemakers, and has grown on the accumulated knowledge of their ancestors. For them, the craftsmanship and art involved in producing quality footwear is what sparks their love and fuels their brand.


With this beautiful story for a start, Lemoke set out to celebrate youthfulness, quality and love, through their shoes. Taking the classic moccassin design as a base, they deconstructed it into several iterations that currently represente a full collection with versatile options for both men and women.

The designs are versatile while all being in the casual range, though it’s the details that make Lemoke’s personality and style shine through. These fine details in construction and material are given utmost attention during every stage, including production which is made by hand.



Their collection is available online and in stores.

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