J Reinaldo, boosting harmony for every day

J Reinaldo has set on a mission to find the ultimate symbiosis between comfort, beauty and quality, thus uniting their shoes and their wearers as one.

Built on the accumulated knowledge of 25 years of solid experience in the footwear industry, J Reinaldo has a methodic approach that always keeps the client in mind throughout the whole process, from choosing the right materials to designing ergonomic appealing shapes and testing the comfort they provide.

Their motto “distinct modern classics” says everything. They are inspired by classic models, which they refresh with their forward-thinking touch, bringing them to the present and elevating their timelessness.

They aim to be a part of their client’s day in a harmonious manner, materializing their shoes as a companion to boost the wearer’s confidence to walk their own way.

 Casual sneakers in nude leather with croco texture by J Reinaldo Casual slip-on sneakers by J Reinaldo in black leather with a metallic blue effect, with tassle and fringe applique.


With this in mind, their Winter collection is made of designs that inspire positive daily scenarios: the business man facing every challenge; the man enjoying a relaxed moment...

 Black derby shoes with brogue details and textured leather by J Reinaldo. High-top casual sneaker in brown leather by J Reinaldo


They have models for both men and women, which you can find here or at our store.