Harper, as delicate and strong as a woman

If there ever was a shoe to represent a woman’s delicate beauty, Harper must have made it. But just like any woman, as refined as they are, Harper shoes are more than just beauties. As a brand, Harper’s mission is to lay ground for women whose attitude enables them to face their challenges with bare effort.


The brains behind this brand are two women whose friendship and passion for fine footwear developed into a brand that fully reflects the spirit of its creators. Aimed at contemporary women, this Portuguese brand staples their shoes with the quality of handcrafted footwear, alongside a deep care for comfort and remarkable design.

Even on a shelf, Harper’s shoes are a sight that draws eyes immediately. The lines of the shoes are feminine yet affirmative, just like the women it caters to: brave, self-assured women who are free from stereotypes and constraints. At these confident women’s feet, Harper shoes are a striking extension of the wearer’s own willpower.

Their Summer collection is a fine selection of sandals and flat shoes with simplified designs that exhale elegance, where metallic textures pop to make sure the women who wears them stands out in the crowd.



Harper shoes are available in our Porto store and online.