Guava, a work of art for the feet

It’s pure luxury for the feet. Guava’s shoes look like sculptures at a first glance, beautiful exercises in design, bending the boundaries of a regular shoe, while simultaneously looking timeless and elegant.

Guava was born from a passion for architecture matched to an irreverent way of thinking. The result is strinking, a collection of shoes that feels like an ensemble of works of art where geometry and deep angles are complemented by mnimalist shapes and feminine shades.

Guava aims towards independent, knowledgeable women with a mindset for innovation and uniqueness, who are self-assured and don’t need to prove themselves. Women who choose Guava because its refined aesthetic and taste for grounded progresso match their own soul.

Although high heels are the brand’s core product, Guava presents an assortment of shoes with a lower heel, plus complementary bags. All designs are remarkable and at the same timeless, coherent in the faceted heels that are the brand’s trademark and fully balanced with structured simple shapes in the best materials.



Shop the brand’s collection in stores and online.

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