Gladz, the romantic side of the feminist woman

Confident, entrepeneur women know that the value of a fine shoe goes beyond status. They know that a good shoe with the best features empowers them to become the leaders they are meant to be. This is where Gladz comes in, producing footwear for these modern-day warrior women, shoes that are apt for the many experiences a women is meant to live in her own shoes.

Born from the fusion of obsession for details with passion for refined design, Gladz is clearly a product of true feminism. Combining luxurious materials with surprising textures, the result are timeless shoes that respond to the contemporary woman’s desire for affirmation, sophistication and distinction.

This season they bring out a romantic side. Inspired by Simone de Beauvoir’s free-spirited and strong character, Gladz presents a complete assortment of heels, sneakers, slides, mules, and more, all in a palette of soft shades with remarkable elegance.



Their collection is available online and in stores.

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