Gift Picks for HIM

Holiday season is both a time for love and sharing and a time for wrecking your brains in trying to find the perfect gift for family and friends.

We believe the holidays should be about more than gifts. But if you must give one, we think they should be functional and also have a personal touch.

We know searching for the perfect gift for men can be hard, whether they are your boyfriend, father, brother, a friend... so we made a list of cool gifts that you can find in our online shop.


Classical Shoe

Classical shoes are iconic – they are that one item that should always appear in a man’s closet. From toned-down versions that are versatile to intricate versions with their own twists, we are certain to have a pair that fits any boy.

J Reinaldo Goldmud
Wolf & Son Exceed Shoe Thinkers



Everybody loves sneakers for their practicality and versatility. Plus, we have got so many varieties that there is bound to be that one pair of sneakers that matches a specific style. 

Wolf & Son NOBRAND




Cold Winters require shielded feet. Boots are the cosy choice for confident men and we have a variety of styles that are sure to keep the feet warm and stylish.


Five Plus One Marita Moreno
Exceed Shoe Thinkers




Sometimes a shoe is not what a man needs. A bag or some cool shades always come in handy and can be quite the trademark accessory.

Rains Ideal & Co. Darkside



Browse our online shop for more cool gifts. In the end, what matters most is that presents are given thoughtfully and with love. Happy Holidays!