Gift Picks for HER

When choosing gifts for women there are so many options it can get overwhelming. However, nobody goes wrong with shoes and we have got plenty of styles that can satisfy different tastes, whether they are for mom, a sister, a girlfriend... Here are some of our ideas of presents that are the perfect fit for special women.



Sneakers are a trademark of practical and stylish women. Some models are pure fun, while others are sober; some are filled with details and different materials while others are an ode to minimalism. One thing is sure: there is always one sneaker that is going to make a woman fall in love.

JAK Friendly Fire




The Winter calls for cosy styles that protect the feet. With their diversity of styles and materials, boots are both fun and extremely functional.

Lemon Jelly
Harper only2me



Heels are the one type of shoe that can make a woman go crazy for. Those who wear usually like to choose heels that represent their personality and love the sense of empowerment that these shoes bring.

Marita Moreno No Studio
JJ Heitor


Low Shoes

The low shoes are the go-to option for women who love practicality allied with a casual look. Most styles of low shoes are versatile and can be used in both formal and informal situations, a reason why they are always a good idea for a present.

Officina Lisboa Goldmud
Helsar Harper



Sometimes it is hard to choose the shoe that fits... But there is always the choice of accessories. A bag or sunglasses are items that a girl could always use. 

Rains Maria Maleta Darkside



Browse our online shop for more cool gifts. In the end, what matters most is that presents are given thoughtfully and with love. Happy Holidays!

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