Freakloset, refreshing the classics into modern icons

Classic shoes don’t have to be sober anymore. Freakloset disrupts traditional footwear by upgrading it into contemporary icons. Through superb combinations of colors and materials, their aim is to empower individuals to follow their own unique set of rules.

Freakloset started with the realization that classic shoes often are not comfortable for a seamless wear and do not offer enough variation to reflect an individual’s taste and personality. The result are shoes that feel revolutionary, something that is reflected in the brand’s own tone of voice: it instigates both men and women to rebel against the standards and norms of society, to be self-assured “freaks”.

Derbies, loafers, monk shoes, chelsea boots and ankle boots. They all got a makeover by Freakloset, transformed into remarkable designs where the shapes are streamlined to the essential and the stage is taken by the combination of vivid colors and contrasting materials – the heel is made of neoprene, whereas the body is made of leather and the sole is made of rubber.



The idea is unique and immediately spawned attention from influencers and press alike. As such, the brand has been featured widely and even secured its place at London’s Fashion Week.

You can shop their shoes in our Lisbon store and online.

The brand also offers full costumization of the base designs.

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