Exceed Shoe Thinkers, the perfect adventure companions

Exceed is a team of ambitious shoe thinkers whose aim is to reach perfection. They invite all contemporary men to embrace their vision of the perfect shoes as the perfect partners for modern-day adventures.

Exceed shoes are designed for contemporary men. 

With a production method based on decades of craftsmanship, they bring an irreverent view on traditional models. They design and construct and test until they reach the ideal shapes that will bring more value to men’s lives. Their care is obvious in the details and in the choice of materials.

Their winter collection, titled Ice Boys, features two lines that adapt to different purposes.



The Casual line reinforces resilience to face the wild and the elements. Featuring boots and sneakers with a robust design, Exceed empowers men to to travel through the fog and the rough tracks.

Resilient boots apt for travels and tracks.

Made to endure through the cosmopolitan challenges, the Dress line mixes classic and contemporary references. These shoes represent a modern vision on timeless icons with Exceed’s own exclusive touch through lively colors and detailed finishes.

Exceed Shoe Thinkers present a modern version of the oxford shoe.

From classic to casual, Exceed delivers the best companions a man needs to face the present like an adventure.

You can buy Exceed Shoe Thinkers products online and at our store in Porto.


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