Exceed Shoe Thinkers: "Illustrated Thoughts"

Last Wednesday was a time for celebration. Exceed Shoe Thinkers was honored through a thrilling exhibition of illustrations by Nicolae Negura, depicting the brand's creative process and its resulting singular products.

The internationally recognized brand anchors its values in the demanding quality patterns and the combination of accumulated know-how and cutting-edge production techniques.

At our Lisbon store in the late afternoon, Negura's exhibtion was a perfect representation of these values. The highlight was placed upon the brand's current collection, AMBRA, inspired by the Renaissance period.

As contemporary as the brand's products, the atmosphere was altogether consonant with Exceed Shoe Thinkers' target, with cocktails inspired by the collection and guests that embody the brand's ideals. João Paulo Sousa, TV host and ambassador to the brand, was present to show its undivided support for the brand, as well as TV-host Luís Filipe Borges, football-players Luís Garcia, and actor Rui Porto Nunes.

Exceed Shoe Thinkers' collection is available online and in TFR stores.

Photos by Triângulo das Bermudas

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