Exceed Shoe Thinkers - function meets style for the modern man

Designing footwear to withstand the demands of contemporary urban life, Exceed Shoe Thinkers is a collective of young inquisitive minds who join forces with the acquired knowledge of 5 decades of shoemakers. The result are outstanding shoes for cosmopolitan men, designed with care for functionality and details.


Their methodological approach to shoe design takes in account the various challenges a men must meet throughout his life, deconstructing classic models into modern icons that are versatile and practical.

Their Summer collection, titled Atom, features a handful of informal shoes, with a functional character and sober colors, apt for a range of occasions.


EXCEED Shoe Thinkers | ATOM | Summer 2017 from Exceed Shoe Thinkers on Vimeo.



From runners to derby, to loafers and sneakers with an inspiration in classic designs, modern men are bound to find options to accompany them in their endeavors.



Their collection is available in stores and online.

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