Eat my Dust, sneakers for the futuristic rebels

Eat my Dust is a force of rebellion. Through its products, this brand promotes individuality and self-expression. They praise non-conformity with social norms, valuing the ability to be unique and to live na independent path that is forged out of the own self’s desires and ambitions.

The result is visible. The sneakers presented by Eat my Dust feature minimal lines that fully illustrate their forward thinking ways. The shapes are refined and simplified where the outstanding textures of the materials make the sneakers look like something one might have seen on the wardrobe of a sci-fi movie.

The bottom line is about self expression, enabled by the neutral shape that complements the individual rather than outshine him or her. All Eat my Dust wants is for urban, contemporary men and women to follow their own instincts, even if they go completely against mainstream society.



Eat my Dust's collection is available online and in stores.

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