Blue Ginger x Fine & Candy made our store go wild!

Last Thursday saw our Lisbon store filled with tropical motifs. Passersby might have though we were going wild... and indeed we were, only figuratively: Fine & Candy was launching its new exclusive collection –“Wild Collection” - designed in partnership with Blue Ginger’s Raquel Strada, a Portuguese renowned TV host and digital influencer.

The theme seemed appropriate for a hot Summer's night. Fresh drinks were in order as as an intimate party of friends engaged in light and cheerful conversation, with a band playing on the background… and many couldn’t resist a sweet bite of Oh! Brigadeiro’s truffles with a tropical inspiration.

The stars of the night - the three notebooks that compose the “Wild Collection” - were presented by Raquel Strada, who thanked Fine & Candy for proposing this challenge. She recalls teaming up with Fine & Candy's design department to take part in the entire creative process, designing patterns and choosing textiles and finishings.

Classy yet fresh with a Summer vibe and vivid colors, these notebooks feature Fine & Candy’s luxury staple and the added value of Raquel Strada's impecable taste. One thing is for sure: they might not make for more organization, but these Wild notebooks will surely embellish any given workspace and make task lists feel brighter.

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