Bits of Inspiration | "Rouge"

"The boy in red loved the girl in red.", narrates Daveion Thompson's video. An ode to the color red in its full passionate and bloody hue. Beautiful shots made of interesting compositions in a duotone palette, sometimes static and then moving again, sparking a melodramatic yet cold, distant beauty that made us fallf for this work.

This work is a part of Daveion's series 'RGB', "(...) intended to explore the relationships in today's self obsessed society through youth, growth, and maturation. Chapter 1: Rogue focuses on intimate connections, passion, and the physical touch. It also utilizes the color red as a device to drive the mood and reinforce the intent of the piece." We will keep an eye out for the next colors!

RGB Chapter 1 Rouge "RED" from Daveion Thompson on Vimeo.