Ana Romero’s hypnotizing everyday objects

Some objects, small as they may be, have the power of attracting our eyes as if through some invisible force. That is exactly the case with the designs of Ana Romero, as her trademark lifestyle accessories subtly demand attention thanks to the designer’s mastering of visual expression.

Op art leather clutch by Ana Romero

Op art silk notebooks by Ana Romero


Inspired by the likes of modern artists such as Frank Stella and Andy Warhol, Ana Romero developed her authentic signature style by rendering the kaleidoscopic complexity of colors into fashion and surface designs. Her unique graphic expression soon led to the creation of her own lifestyle brand, where she bestows optical art onto everyday objects like scarves, pillows, phone cases and more.

Op art silk scarf by Ana Romero

Op art phone cases by Ana Romero

Op art beach towel by Ana Romero


The magnetic appeal of Ana Romero’s creations immediately earned her presence in high-end boutiques and department stores, as well as wide press coverage all over the world, by the likes of Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan, and even an appearance of her accessories on the TV show Gossip Girl.

Op art paperweight by Ana Romero

Op art clutch by Ana Romero



Ana Romero Collection presents an interesting range of lifestyle accessories, personal accessories and collectible art objects, where the plasticity of colors is fully celebrated in timeless and vibrant designs. The result are more than just mere products: they are art that you can actually wear or use in your home, a status symbol for sophistication that simultaneously portrays a vivid, fun and hypnotizing side to luxury objects.

Her collection is available at our store in Lisbon.

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