A tale about António... and the awesome housewarming party we had!

Once upon a time, there were two sisters, both designers, who created a unique brand. Last Thursday they presented it for the first time ever, at our Porto store.

More than a collection of accessories, António is a handmade story. It begins with the designers’ father, whose name coined the brand. Drawing on the inherited knowledge from their fathers' leather good factory factory, the two sisters honored him by creating minimalist bags where the meticulously handcrafted details convey a sublime elegance.

Minded for sustainability, António’s collection is produced using natural, environment-friendly materials and processes. Slow fashion is a core value for this brand, whose refined aesthetic is designed to overcome trends thanks to its timeless versatility.

António’s story goes beyond the making of the products. Each bag, backpack and wallet is itself an open book, as the natural leather takes in the light, gradually creating an individual story with its wearer.

On Thursday the 14th, we had the pleasure of welcoming António in a lighthearted party in our store in Porto. Music on the terrace, plenty of food and drinks and even a freshly painted Special Edition clutch – the mood was set for a full-house party and the hours went cheerfully on and on… We must confess, it extended way beyond closing hours. And we are glad it did.

António is available in stores and soon online.

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